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Washu Habuki



Miss Washu is another of the essential characters--she is the greatest genius in the universe! She also helps correct everything that Mihoshi messes up. Washu created Ryoko and Ryo-Ohki, and was the mentor of Kagato.

Washu also has a tragic and unique past. Because of these events, she resides in a 14-year-old form. In OAV #8, we discover Washu's true form. Wow! A buxom 22-year-old redhead who can hardly keep her hands off of Tenchi!

Actually, Washu is 20,000 years old. She was kidnapped by Kagato and held for 700 years while Kagato brainwashed Ryoko and sent her out to do his dirty work. In the Tenchi Universe, it was Washu who was sealed in the cave--she is still the greatest genius in the universe, but is cast as an EVIL, MAD SCIENTIST! Hardly the same, gentle Washu we know in the OAVs. Although Tenchi Muyo! in Love movie is based on the TV series, I believe that they used Washu's gentle, OAV personality for her part.



Age:    20,000

Height: 4' 11"

Status: Greatest Genius in the Universe

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