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Tenchi Misaki


TENCHI Misaki:

Tenchi is a nurturing type of fellow, who cares for all of those around him. He is a bit timid at first, but grows less timid and much stronger as the series progresses.

In the OAV series, he is "killed" in OAV 5, He is rescued by Tsunami, and is rebuilt. He faces Kagato again, and defeats Kagato by Generating Light Hawk Wings. There have been many heated debates over who Tenchi will marry. The creators of Tenchi Muyo! have been very careful to keep the status of each relationship even. Personally, I think Tenchi will marry Sasami and a nice, Earth girl for his second wife...

"Muyo" is not Tenchi's surname. It means "No Need For" or useless. It can also mean "Do not make this upside down", which is why you may see "Right Side Up" stamp images on a lot of Tenchi Muyo! web pages.


Tenchi Misaki

Age:    18

Height: 5' 3"

Status: High School Student

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