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Sasami Misaki Jurai



Sasami, little sister of Ayeka and also princess of Jurai, holds a neutral position in the love battles along with Yosho/Katsuhiko. She is also he only one who can cook well--Washu burns fish, Ryoko experiments on Ryo-Ohki, Ayeka experiments on Tenchi... you get the idea. ^_^;;

She also has a dark side. In OAV #9, we learn of Sasami's tragic past--when the Space Pirate Ryoko attacked Jurai four hundred years in the past, Sasami was just a toddler. During the attack, she wandered into the Jurain Tree garden, where all of the trees are grown. A blast shook the atrium, and Sasami fell to her death... well, almost. Now, Sasami and Tsunami have a strange and complex relationship.

Ryo-Ohki is Sasami's best friend. She sits atop Sasami's head and follows her everywhere. Sasami loves animals and has many pets aboard Ryu-Oh, Ayeka's ship.


Sasami Misaki Jurai

Age:    8

Height: 4' 3"

Status: Royal Princess of Jurain Empire

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