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The legend of the Misaki family says that 400 years in the past, a demon from the heavens came to the Earth and began ravaging the country. To our surprise, we find that this innocent-looking, 17-year-old girl is in fact that very demon!

When Tenchi released her from the shrine, It was not the first time she had met him. Ryoko's astral body has been watching Tenchi ever since he was a baby. She fell in love with him and always wished to be with him. That pesky, self-conscious princess always gets in the way, though. Too bad that Ryoko's determination usually drives Tenchi away...

Washu created Ryoko by combining DNA from the Mass with her own ovary, so she is more like Ryoko's mother than creator. Kagato, Washu's student, stole Ryoko and used her to attack Jurai. So, Ryoko isn't so bad after all. The 101 Tenchi Muyo! Facts say that if Ryoko had all of her jewels, she would be as powerful as Tsunami.



Age:    19

Height: 5' 8"

Status: Demon - Space Pirate

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