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Mihoshi works for the Galaxy Police. They help maintain peace in parts of the galaxy and serve as a delivery service. Mihoshi is an overworked first class detective--she isn't really stupid or a "ditz", just over-stressed. Her grandfather is the Marshall of the Galaxy Police--no wonder why they let Mihoshi stay in...

Mihoshi was alerted of Kagato's presence in the Solar System, leading her to Tenchi & co. quite by accident.

Due to her, uh.. let's say "free nature", Mihoshi tends to fumble her way into sticky situations. She falls in love with Tenchi when she finds that he saved her life. This does not bode well with the competition (Ryoko and Ayeka) because Mihoshi seems quite unaware of the situation.



Age:    19

Height: 5' 9"

Status: Galaxy Police Detective First Class

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