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Ayeka Misaki Jurai


The sweet Princess. Ayeka is a Royal Princess of the Jurain Empire. She is much more sensible that Ryoko and would never dream of letting "THE BEAST" get Tenchi for herself.

Seven hundred years ago, during Ryoko's attack on Jurai, Yosho left Jurai to pursue her. Yosho is Ayeka's half brother as well as his fiancÚ. After tiring from waiting for his return, Ayeka set out in search of him. I wasn't until Ryu-Oh, Ayeka's ship, detected Ryoko's presence on Earth that she met Tenchi.

Unlike Ryoko, Ayeka desperately wants to marry Tenchi, but is far too shy to make any advancement in their odd relationship. This leads to many domestic battles in the Misaki household. However, Mihoshi and Washu's interests in Tenchi usually stop the bickering before any serious damage can take place.


Ayeka Misaki Jurai

Age:    17

Height: 5' 0"

Status: Royal Princess of Jurain Empire


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